"You can’t find a class like this anywhere else. Certainly not in business school. This class gave me the ability to immediately make impactful changes to my life while at the same time giving me materials to come back to for years to come. It is an immediate and long term life changer." - Scott
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"After 30 years of pastoral work and having my own doctorate, I've never heard someone as clear on this topic as CJ. His illustrations were extremely enlightening, giving me the ability to make the changes necessary for my life." - Joseph
Class #1:
How To Clarify Your Next Step
Class #2:
What Does "Calling" Even Mean?
Class #3:
The Hindrances To Your Calling
Class #4: 
The First Key
Class #5: 
The Second Key
Class #6: 
The Third Key
Class #7: 
Discover Your Unique Identity, Purpose, & Success DNA
  • The 4 different ways that God speaks to us.
  • Why God seems to be silent concerning your direction.
  • How to move forward when God seems to be silent.
  • How to discover and fulfill your unique "calling".
  • How to move forward with confidence as a child of God.
  • What it means to live as a child of God and break the slavery mindset. 
  • Gain clarity of what your next step in life is. 
  • ​How to live a life of purpose and fullness; free of regret.
  • ​How to unlock the greatness within you.
"There was so much treasure packed into these videos. Yet it was easy to digest and succinct enough to watch over and over again while gaining new insight each time." - Cameron
You will also get access to the most requested live class absolutely FREE!
Learn not only "what" to do but more importantly "why" God seems to be silent at times. 
"There isn't anyone who would not benefit from this class. This class changed my life and completely changed my perspective on failure, purpose, and success." - Christina
  •  Do you often find yourself wondering what the next step is for your life?
  •   Are you having a hard time discovering what your calling is?
  •   Do you feel like God talks to you about everything but the next step for your life?
  • ​Do you often feel like you're not doing what you were truly meant to do?
  • ​Do you lack joy and passion in what you're doing?
  • ​Do you feel like there is something holding you back but you don't know how to overcome it?
Let me fight for your destiny, so you can discover and live into the fullness that God has for you.
C.J Reynolds is a professional speaker, trainer, coach, and leadership development instructor for over 15 years. He has been mentored and trained under some of the top Coaches and Speakers in his field such as John Maxwell, Christian Simpson, and Brendon Burchard. 

His passion is fighting for your destiny by helping you discover and live into your God given purpose and fullness.
Don't let closed doors stop you
Are you waiting on God when He's waiting on you?
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